We're FreeFly Dumbaz (r)!


A movie with some base and some FreeFlying (BIG at 6.0Megs)

Castellon with Frick 2004 Atmonauti Boogie (big at 8.8 Megs)

A long weekend in Castellon with Frick (near Valencia). (big at 6.6 Megs)

Some exploits at Extreme Sports Week in Voss, Norway. (big at 6.6 Megs)

Another angle of Tony's and my jump at Gudvagen during the Extreme Sports Week. (1.2Meg)

Trip to Kjerag (Aug '00) (BIG at 4.4Megs)

Go Vertical in Lillo (Sep '00) (BIG at 5.6Megs)

New Year's at Eloy (Dec '00) (BIG at 5.1Megs)

Some footage of evidence of my above average packing ability... (BIG at 6.1Megs)



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